Month: November 2016

November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Lunch for Bakery Staff

     A few weekends ago, Lyon hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for all of the bakery staff and families. We were thrilled that almost every family was able to join the fun that began with a pig roast out in the car park and ended with a piniata party in the loading dock! Several of the bakers […]

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Giving Thanks

The signs are here… Fall has arrived. The leaves aren’t the only things dropping, the temperatures are too. It’s at this time of year, we switch out the salads and outdoor grilling, and our culinary thoughts turn to warmer, more comforting foods. Whilst, we’re not yet in the grip of Old Man Winter, Fall climes definitely call for some heartier cuisine. As well as our food choices changing, Fall is a time to think about…

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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Packing Department

Every single item that leaves the bakery has been packed in one way or another. We use different packaging depending on the types of bread, the best way to preserve the integrity of the product, and the needs of our customers. Nothing leaves here naked. So, this week’s behind the scenes snoop is in the Packing department. Working in shifts throughout the day and night, our packers are the last to receive the bread before…

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