Behind the Scenes 3: Order Processing

At a certain time every day, the headphones go on and everybody knows not to disturb them. Them being Order Processing.

Order Processing, or OP for short, is where some might say the critically important stuff takes place.

For an hour every day, OP takes and makes phone calls. Our customers call in with daily, weekly, monthly orders, sometimes the orders are one-offs, sometimes they’re revisions — some in advance, many last minute. OP is tasked with receiving, diarizing and confirming every order, every day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year. After all, we cannot stop if there is even one customer open. Through bad weather, unexpected events and every single weekend, OP is taking customer orders.

Though you might know the team well by the sound of their voices, they’re another department that is working hard completely behind the scenes – heard but never seen! Thank you to Rami, Gyke, Bassim, Rodney, John, Charsi and Jim!