Behind the Scenes Part 1: Distribution


Behind every great woman, man, organization is a team of one or more supporters. The analogy of the swan swimming serenely with its legs paddling furiously below the water…well, in Lyon Bakery’s case, we have many indispensable staff members helping us to stay afloat and move forward.

Lyon operates 364 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing different departments and key staff members who you may never see, but are always working hard behind the scenes.

Our first Behind the Scenes post is about our Distribution department.

Most of us start our day at 7am, some at 6am… our Distribution staff begin at 2am! Just thinking of getting up to go to work at that time of the night makes us shudder…imagine doing that in the deep of winter. Oh, no thanks.

Santos, our Head Driver, gets up at 2am to arrive at work for 3am, come rain or shine.

The orders are checked, the vans are loaded and the drivers set out to cover some 200 miles across the nation’s capital – as far south as Richmond and across to Baltimore, as well as the greater DC area.


We are extremely proud that in the past 15 years, we’ve barely missed a delivery, even when Mother Nature has been seemingly hellbent on throwing every kind of weather drama at us.

In addition to our drivers, the Distribution department has two layers of backup. The first deals with last-minute special orders. The second, they handle anything and everything else. Forgotten an order? Send out another van and rendezvous with the original van to ensure the order reaches its destination.

There is a lot of teamwork and forward-thinking that goes on. Bad traffic? Re-route. Our drivers know their routes like the back of their hands. They put Waze to shame. Bad weather? It’s been checked in the days beforehand, and if necessary our drivers start their day even earlier.

LB rolling shelves

In the next few months, we will introduce you to other departments in the bakery. Keep us bookmarked!