A Mother of a Recipe (aka The Starter)

Below is a simple recipe for making your own Sourdough Starter at home: Ingredients To begin your starter 1 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 cup cool non-chlorinated water To feed your starter 1 cup plain, unbleached flour 1/2 cup cool water (if your house is warm), or lukewarm water (if your house is cool) Method Day […]

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The Starter, the Mother and the Chief


Today’s post is about The Starter, also known as The Mother and sometimes The Chief. There are other names too but those aren’t nearly as grand. For those wanting to make homemade, traditional sourdough bread, it’s the most important ingredient. So, what is The Starter? Well, the starter is what helps dough to rise. In addition, the […]

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Donations in 2016


Lyon Bakery is sincerely grateful for its success and we believe strongly in not taking this for granted. Giving back is a large part of what we believe in. Below is a list of some of the corporations to which we have donated breads this part year: The Gaylord National Marriott Hampshire Greens Levy Restaurants at […]

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Behind the Scenes 3: Order Processing


At a certain time every day, the headphones go on and everybody knows not to disturb them. Them being Order Processing. Order Processing, or OP for short, is where some might say the critically important stuff takes place. For an hour every day, OP takes and makes phone calls. Our customers call in with daily, weekly, […]

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Bread for Every Occasion (and Dish)


The holiday season is well underway, we are done with Thanksgiving and now moving steadily towards Hannukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. More family time and food awaits us (if everyone survived Thanksgiving ;-p). Lyon will be doubling up and more on its orders for Challah, possibly the prettiest of our breads. Like braids of buttery goodness, they look as […]

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Thanksgiving Lunch for Bakery Staff

     A few weekends ago, Lyon hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for all of the bakery staff and families. We were thrilled that almost every family was able to join the fun that began with a pig roast out in the car park and ended with a piniata party in the loading dock! Several of the bakers […]

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Giving Thanks

The signs are here… Fall has arrived. The leaves aren’t the only things dropping, the temperatures are too. It’s at this time of year, we switch out the salads and outdoor grilling, and our culinary thoughts turn to warmer, more comforting foods. Whilst, we’re not yet in the grip of Old Man Winter, Fall climes […]

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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Packing Department


Every single item that leaves the bakery has been packed in one way or another. We use different packaging depending on the types of bread, the best way to preserve the integrity of the product, and the needs of our customers. Nothing leaves here naked. So, this week’s behind the scenes snoop is in the […]

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October Happenings

October 2016 It’s been a busy month… Washington DC was named a Michelin Guide city this month, and 12 restaurants have received 1 or 2 Michelin stars. This is wonderful news for the newly-starred establishments, and great news for the city. With our 12 stars, we equal Chicago. Lyon Bakery is proud to supply some […]

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Flour n. (ˈflaʊə, flou′ər, flour)


flour (ˈflaʊə) n 1. (Cookery) a powder, which may be either fine or coarse, prepared by sifting and grinding the meal of a grass, espwheat 2. (Cookery) any finely powdered substance   Many of us think that flour is flour is flour…except it’s not. Like with olive oil and wines, there are many grades of flour. These include some of the following: low-gluten, high starch, high protein, gluten-free, grain based, wheat based, phosphated, and the list goes on.  Today’s post is about flour, […]

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Behind the Scenes Part 1: Distribution

Lyon vans

  Behind every great woman, man, organization is a team of one or more supporters. The analogy of the swan swimming serenely with its legs paddling furiously below the water…well, in Lyon Bakery’s case, we have many indispensable staff members helping us to stay afloat and move forward. Lyon operates 364 days of the year, […]

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Bon Appetit names DC the Restaurant City of the Year

Woot Woot, Washington DC restaurants and foodies alike – Bon Appetit names our city the Restaurant City of the Year!! What an honor it is to provide our breads to many of the city’s finest dining establishments. Congratulations to all the restaurants mentioned in the article, as well as all of our wonderful customers throughout the […]

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In the very early days….

Back in the beginning, there were less than 10 of us… the photo below was taken circa 2001. Note the fashion from our management team (insert muffled laughter). Today, some 15 years later, we employ the same artisan methodologies as when we had just 1 customer: the same attention to detail and the highest level […]

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Introducing the Lyon Bakery blog

Dear Breadsters We have new branding, a new website and now….a blog! The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a few typos on the website — please bear with us, they are being fixed right now. Our bakers, packers, drivers, sales team et al are working hard 364 days of the year, ensuring you get […]

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